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Photo of hunters getting ready. Photo of birds at the bird table after a hunt. Photo of a dog retrieving a bird. Photo of hunters relaxing in the clubhouse. Photo of hunting group with their birds after a successful and enjoyable hunt.

Riverview Hunting

Riverview Hunting is a hunting operation developed out of necessity. The hunting industry needed a better Euroshoot in the mid-west, one that is timely on operations, increases the challenge of the shoot, and decreases the harvest rate. A Euroshoot that makes accessibility a foremost priority for all ages of shooters and increases the variety of shots with each movement to a new station. Incorporating top quality guides and dogs, we have a very knowlegeable staff that can conduct a hunt in any and all weather conditions and that will exceed customers' exspectations.

Riverview Hunting Euro-Shoot

Hunters Euro-shooting at high-flying birds.

At Riverview, European style hunting is our specialty. What is Euro-style shooting? Most avid shooters know it was developed in Europe as driven shooting. Beaters drive the birds out of fields off higher points of land, the birds then fly out over the guns at a high rate of speed and distance. The shooters are placed at stations around the driven area and dog handlers are then placed with shooters for retrieving down birds. Now this may seem very easy for a good shooter, but at Riverview we developed this into a circle with a wide variety of different shots. For example: incoming, over the head straight up (40-90yds), timber-hole shots, and field or over decoy shots. Dog handlers are placed around for the retrieval of downed birds. For your convenience ATV's are available for assistants with walking, guns, shell, ect. Our goal is to get you in here to experience a whole hunting season of shots and shooting along with 31 other guns. Once we get you through our doors we'll keep you as a customer. Where else can you go and shoot 4 to 6 boxes of shells, eat, BS, take home all the memories and still be home by dark, all in about two or three hours.

Briney's Bird Farm

Photo of one of the many birds raised at Briney's Bird Farm

Briney's Bird Farm was started in 1990, as a hobby, with the production of 100 pheasant and 100 quail. It then grew to be one of the largest farms in IL and one of the largest in the United States. We now produce Chinese Ringneck Pheasant, Kansas Blueback Pheasant, Melanistic Mutant Pheasant, and Chukar Redleg Partridge. We deliver product throughout the Midwest to clubs and private individuals. Quality genetics, management, and service is the heart of our business and is the reason why we continue to progress and grow.

Collage photo of birds raised at Briney's Bird Farm.

Give us a call to discuss the right bird and the right time-frame to meet your operation's needs.


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