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Riverview Hunting Info and Rules

Can't get a group of your own? Our Annual Open Euro Shoot is always the last Sunday in February. Call to confirm your spot.

Euro-Hunt Info

Photo of two hunters shooting at high-flying birds.

Hunts are offered during the months of November through March and are held only on Saturdays and Sundays. Either mornings or afternoons are available on Saturdays. Only afternoons are available on Sundays. Morning hunts check-in at 9:00AM with shooting beginning at 10:00AM. Afternoon hunts check-in at 12:00PM (Noon) and shooting begins at 1:00PM.

The schedule is as follows:

To hold a shoot you have to have a minimum of 16 paid guns and up to a maximum of 32 paid guns. More paid guns means more birds released.

Photo of the station board in the clubhouse.

There are 16 stations total on the circle. All guns which start on odd-numbered stations will only shoot from odd-numbered stations and will shoot from all odd-numbered stations. Likewise, all guns which start on even-numbered stations will only shoot from even-numbered stations will will shoot from all even-numbered stations.

There is a guide and dog positioned between every two stations. They are responsible for all the retrieving and spotting of the birds (the shooter is not responsible for any of this). All birds collected by the guides will be brought to the clubhouse and placed on the bird table, then dispensed evenly among all paid shooters.

There is always a meal offered at the clubhouse after every hunt. There will be a photo taken at the bird table after finishing the meal.

The total time allotted for a shoot should be four hours, with actual hunting lasting approximately two hours. All steel shot, no lead allowed. A limited amount of shells are available on an "as-needed" basis at the clubhouse. An orange hat is mandatory which is also available at the clubhouse. No alcohol before or during the hunt. We always have ATV transportation available for participants needing it.

*** No hunting license can be purchased onsite ***

Euro-Hunt Rules

The following rules provide for a safe and efficient shoot. Please familiarize yourself with these important hunt rules:

  1. Station Stands
    1. 16 stations total.
    2. Start on Odds stay on odds, Start on Evens stay on evens.
    3. Trash cans located @ each station.
    4. All shooting must occur at station stand.
  2. Braces
    1. 8 braces total, # of guns multiplied by 13 birds divided by 8 equals # of birds per brace ( more guns means more birds ).
    2. Air horns, a single horn starts and finishes braces 1-7, a double horn starts and finishes brace 8.
    3. Movement
      1. 5 minutes between braces to get to your next station.
      2. Removal of shell from chamber on gun.
      3. No shooting of birds between braces.
  3. Shooting Lanes
    1. Duck Blind/Goose Pit rules - 10 to 2, Left to Right.
    2. Lower to the inside and backside of the shooting area.
  4. Mandatory: Orange Hat, Steel Shot, & No Alcohol.
  5. Parking Lots - North and South
    1. North parking lot for stations 13-16 and 1-5.
    2. South parking lot for stations 6-12.
    3. Uncase your gun and/or remove your gun plug.
  6. ATVs
    1. Carry extra shells and guns belonging to Riverview.
    2. Can carry any extra supplies of your groups.
    3. Can transport a person that need be station to station.
  7. Pheasant
    1. Betting birds optional.
    2. Hens vs Cocks - both are harvestable.
    3. Dog Handlers responsible for all bird retrieval.
  8. Tipping optional but much appreciated.
  9. Free meal provided at the clubhouse after the shoot.
  10. Total Hunt Time: 1.5 - 2 hours.
Photo of guides and dogs. Photo of a hunt group with their birds at the bird table after a successful and enjoyable hunt.


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